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Gold Standard

Old Store Front

Friday I went to see a cardiologist in Houston. After some tests, he discussed the findings using the words ‘Gold Standard’. Interestingly enough, the exhibit at the Craft Museum focused on a conversion of a variety of services converted to dollar amount in gold and then rendered with a small portion of the item in gold plate. These services ranged from a rhinoplasty (nose job) to a month’s worth of Starbucks coffee to a three month utility bill. A gold nose on a white ceramic type face, a pile of light bulbs with a one with gold plate, and a series of coffee bags standing sentinel makes for a thought provoking display.

Elsewhere in the museum, a group of yardsticks leaned against a wall with a series of pencil marks on them—measuring things in the house, socks, dishes, and so forth.

Visiting my son —the best engineer in R&D of National OilWell—he and his fellow engineer mentioned the phrase ‘Gold Standard’ for a developing project—something to do with drilling—and I could say more but it is proprietary information and they will soon have a wall covered with patents plaques.

It seems that wherever we turn, we are always comparing ourselves or our work to something else, an idealized ‘something’.

And by the way, I’m fine—a medication change and adjustment were suggested along with more rehab. Good news for me as I want to work in my garden this summer.

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  1. A very interesting thought provoking post.

    February 14, 2011
    • Obviously I found the idea intrigueing. I had a drawing instructor who painted a quarter in each of her paintings as a sort of measure. The paintings were all pretty ugly but it was interesting. All of those sculptures were quite ugly but definitely thought provoking. Sylvia here in foggy Beaumont Texas drinking last of coffee before heading to work

      My website Weir Sew Fine Studio is at Read my blogOver the Fenceat

      February 15, 2011

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