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Empanadas and golf balls

We awoke to a nice toasty 37 degrees outside with fog but my windscreen was iced over necessitating a trial run with my nice new ice scraper courtesy of a dear friend in Wisconsin. She actually sent me two but I chose to keep both—one with a comfy handle and the other much longer so I can reach across the front of my F250.

Yesterday I finally got up enough nerve to try making empanadas. When I worked near El Campo, I would stop in the grocery store and buy assorted Mexican bakery sweets. My favorites were a large soft molasses cookie in the shape of a pig about four inches or so long AND sweet potato empanadas. Using half masa harina and half wheat flour and chopped up Granny Smith apples—I know—not even close to sweet potatoes; I made a batch. I need a larger cutter than my two inch biscuit cutter! And the dough was a bit tough—but there will be a next time.

Being a bit restless after being cooped up for most of the past few days and with the weatherman scheduling more of the same mid week, we decided on an outside activity—-miniature golf. I have played it exactly once—and husband said it had been a long time since he had played. So off we went—to Colorado Canyon and had a grand time—even though we were considerably over par most of the time. I did manage to get a hole in one and toot the horn!

Tomorrow it’s back to work.

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