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Charlie and Jake

Charlie and Jake are spending some time with us while ‘Daddy’, our middle son Jim, is in Qatar. Charlie is a female pit bull mix that is as lively and willing to please AND easily distracted as ‘Daddy’ was. Jake, a lab, is more slow-going and tolerates Charlie’s antics as the more mature dog. Both are very large dogs and both think of themselves as lap dogs, particularly while we are watching a movie. It took a lot of convincing that ‘Grandma’ did not want dogs in her lap but ‘Grandpa’ didn’t mind.

Jake and Charlie spend most of their time in our kitchen and breakfast room, being let out in the morning, lunch-time, supper, and bedtime. Each time they are let out, they race excitedly about our back yard to see if there is anything exciting there—like a squirrel paralyzed by terror or a fat neighbor’s cat that rushes for the fence. When we cook, Jake and Charlie eagerly watch the proceedings hoping for something to miraculously fall onto to the floor. So far, we have discovered that neither one likes olives but Jake likes raisins and flour (oatmeal cookie baking).

Yesterday we took them out to my property on Highway 90 and they had great fun racing across the field AND walking through my garden beds.


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  1. Linda Teddlie Minton #

    Hey Sylvia, it was nice to see your post (about female firefighters in full gear) tonight. I loved reading about Charlie and Jake. Hope you are doing well …

    December 6, 2010

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