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October 25, 2010 Monday morning

Our original plan had been to eat at El Taste last night for dinner but no-one felt like a large meal after our huge appetizer mid afternoon. So we opted for the hotel restaurant with appetizers and dessert—a chocolate flan made on premises. It was chocolate cake baked with flan on top, very tasty but I prefer regular flan. The fish cream sauce here is more strongly flavored and I wonder if I can reproduce it at home—perhaps a French ccokbook has a similar recipe.

We breakfast again at the hotel restaurant sitting outside with a good view of the marina—expensive huge motorboats to one side, expensive huge sailboats with a few live-aboards on the other. We discover breakfast menu items vary from day to day even though we ordered the same things—my Spanish is adequate for simple meal requests. Too soon it is time to say good-bye and head to the airport. Don and Carol will be leaving on Wednesday; Carol quizzes me again on some Spanish bargaining words—la cuenta (bill) and Cuantos (how much?) I make everyone say what they liked best about the trip—Glen liked the stacked rocks, Don Alvaro’s smile as he said each sauce was very good as he pointed to the different sauce bottles on the table, Carol enjoyed Alvarito’s constant chatter whenever his father was not present although she didn’t understand a word he said, while my favorite part was the colors of the water and the beach.

Airport security is not difficult but a bit confusing as we had to go through several lines back and forth from ticketing to baggage clearing. There are very few people here and so it doesn’t take long. Our flight is smooth, I try (unsuccessfully) to get a photo of Espirtu Santos from the air.

Mexico City is busy but we have a short layover. Security is very tight here; we had a hand search of our carry-on luggage twice plus our checked baggage twice and then we were searched with the ladies being searched more often than the men; searches were gender specific or generated by pushing the random button at baggage check.

My truck was waiting patiently for us in the parking lot. Back to work in the morning and then to process all the photos!

all my photos of this trip can be seen at

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  1. Sue Hodder #

    Boy, that Rob and Sue seem like a lovely couple!…
    Been doing some research for our next trip. There was an article in the paper about camping in Antartica, no messing around setting up a tent there! And then this weekend there was an article about kayaking in Belize… just so many places to go and so little time!
    Enjoyed the blog!

    December 14, 2010

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