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Exploring La Paz

October 16, 2010

We were awakened by the laughter and chatting of teams gathered for a race to Cabo San Lucas in buggies, motorcycles, and trucks. On my way to breakfast, a smiling ten year boy waited patiently at the elevator with a mounted tire nearly as tall as he was. When he saw a group of nicely dressed older ladies inside, he smiled even broader and took the stairs, bouncing that tire down three flights.

Breakfast was expensive but quite tasty at La Panga, a short walk up the marina. They serve octopus so I suspect we will be back. Next on our agenda was shopping. Somehow we didn’t notice that we needed sleeping bags, insect repellant, our own cups, and sunglasses. A taxi driver took us to the local Walmart. PFD’s were located prominently on the front of each aisle and we were challenged to remember the names of things we wanted in Spanish. The clerks tried very hard to be helpful although they directed us to the grocery section for our coffee cups.

Our taxi driver had waited for us, chatting amiably with someone on his cell phone; his English was quite good as he had spent several years in the U.S.

I went for a quick swim in the pool and then settled in a nice chair with my Kindle. Don and Carol arrived late afternoon, we ate a nice evening meal at La Panga with Glen having his octopus although it was not on the menu.

Our guide, Rafael was waiting for us in the hotel lobby along with Rob and Sue, a couple from British Columbia who were also part of our group. Each of us was asked what our expectations of the trip were—Sue wants to learn how to roll the kayak; Rob quickly responded not in a double. The rest of us were interested in scenery; Glen said he wanted to lose five pounds—Rafael laughed at that knowing what was ahead of us. Tomorrow we will pick up our gear—life jackets, snorkeling equipment, wetsuits, take the skiff out to the island and do a wet exit from the kayak. I am not looking forward to the wet exit.

No pictures today but starting tomorrow there will be plenty. Photos from the entire trip are at:

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