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Sailing the high seas of Cortez

October 15, 2010

The beginning of our adventure

Mexico City Airport

Our day began early—at 2 AM and still very dark. No matter how much I plan, there are always last minute things—depositing a paycheck, paying bills, running the dishwasher, emptying the trash, and fueling up the truck. We made good time to the airport even though we stopped at Duncan Donuts for coffee and a donut.

Our plane was small, 3 seats across but it wasn’t too full. Immigrations & Customs in Mexico City is a bit challenging as there are few directional signs. We have a six hour layover, originally planned to allow Don and Carol ample time to catch up with us but they are flying Alaskan Airlines directly to La Paz from Los Angeles.

Glen just barely misses being arrested for taking photographs of me in the airport. The airport is spotlessly clean with a small army of folks sweeping or washing windows. The walls of the airport look like concrete perforated board with hundreds of tiny windows about ten inches across. Mexico City is in the mountains and is quite cool; I am glad I brought a jacket and the Café Americano is hot and strong.

We lunched at the Alfa Bar with the hostess doing an excellent job of inviting people in. Had we been a few minutes later, we could have ordered from the lunch menu, but breakfast any time of day is always good. Glen had eggs with machaca which is dried or shredded meat while I had panela which turned out to be squeaky cheese cut into slices and fried on a griddle.

The flight to La Paz was uneventful and I tried hard  (unsuccessfully) to take a photo of Espiritu Santos from the air.

view from the restaurant window at sunset

Our hotel is pleasant, right next to one of several marinas. We have a balcony view of the pool with huge bougainvilleas everywhere. Of course we were hungry for supper, and we sampled a fish sauce with chips along with great guacamole at the Dinghy Dock, the hotel restaurant.

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