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Houston Quilt Festival 2010

Festival is always fun but full of lots of things to see and do. Meeting up with old friends, putting faces to internet names, seeing what’s new in gadgetry and fabric and patterns plus taking a look at all the quilts or taking a class or seminar occupies most of the day and then some. Everyone at the convention center from the ladies who keep the bathrooms spotless to the janitor wheeling around a huge dolly to the armed police–not the quilt police but the regular kind who said they far preferred quilt festival duty to ball game security to the official door-openers to the parking lot attendants are all so cheerful and helpful. In some ways, it’s too bad as we are so terribly spoiled that we think all large quilt gatherings should be equally organized.

Thursday we spent our day with Traci Bautista, a grafitti artist from California. We had taken her class the year before and had great fun painting and stamping papers and fabric and making a book. Whiteout pens were fun to scribble and doddle on the painted surfaces. In the afternoon we moved to a room with sewing machines. It is always fun to try out new machines; this room was full of ‘Melodies’ a Babylock. It was rather temperamental and both of us decided we were most happy with our Pfaffs.

Friday we spent our entire day with Ricky Tims, a lecture with small excerpts from hid DVD’s. He gave us lots of tips and explained the basic mechanics of each of his different quilt styles.

On Saturday we spent some time in Sampler with twenty five quilters/artists doing short demonstrations of a technique or product. Most fascinating was the art knitting using all sorts of yarns in different shapes. We were done in time to get to our Holus Bolus group where we caught up on gossip and then proceeded to the grand reveal of our dolls with accompanying stories. We were all laughing as most of us had forgotten each story and what we had written. Next year, we’ll do a scroll featuring a fairy tale character—I’m Miss Muffet.

We spent the rest of the afternoon looking at quilts; I am especially drawn to the antique quilts both last year and this. This year, a stars and stripe quilt that was displayed sideways caught my eye. Jeanelle and I laughed over a piece displaying a group of Episcoplians—since we are both Episcopalians we studied the grouping and ‘recognized’ most of the participants in a Sunday School class.

Sunday we strolled the aisles, did a bit of shopping—it wouldn’t do to return home with money! I bought these great rolling rulers which my husband said were used in navigation. We ate at the Chinese restaurant behind the convention center, an excellent buffet lunch with a wonderful ginger flavored soup.

No pictures this year even though I carried my camera with me each day. However, starting tomorrow, I’ll post my adventures on the high seas last month.

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  1. Linda Teddlie Minton #

    Oh rats! I missed you at Quilt Festival! Maybe we can plan to meet up for lunch or drinks next time.

    December 6, 2010

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