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Lotus Flower Reflections

Yesterday, I attended a memorial service for one of my mentors. It was held in a Buddhist temple formerly a very large Baptist church in downtown Port Arthur. I had never been in a Buddhist temple or even thought much about that particular religion except while studying Eastern art.

Our freeze last spring had decimated the very large and lovely lotus garden cultivated by the monks but I was able to find several blooms.

Steve was the one who insisted that I could indeed draw and that I could (and would) do a series which meant that I was a real artist. Although my media and tools were foreign to him and he never quite lost that awe of my skills, he was a gentle taskmaster in drawing with traditional tools.

Two days earlier I had participated in a conference call through SAQA (studio Art Quilt Association). My self-appointed task/goal for the year was to establish a professional portfolio. There was an assumption that I could find my way about wikispaces and negotiate uploads and links and maybe even widgets.

All of this is doable and learnable given the right mindset and patience. It has been a week for reflection on who I am as an artist and where I want and can be.

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