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Candy Hunter


Although I’ve been a member of a monthly challenge group from the first year, I seem to start each new challenge year with enthusiasm but begin to lag after about four or five challenges. Maybe this year will be different.

Each year I add several additional ‘requirements’ to the monthly challenge. This year, I decided to try needle-felting the entire project on scraps of hand-woven fabric I bought at Festival several years ago. I quickly discovered that the fabric was not wool as I thought but acrylic and not exactly thrilled to be felted—actually I could say very resistant. So I might rethink my requirements.

This month’s challenge was to illustrate Chiaroscuro, a play of light against dark with a directional light source. I don’t think my piece is entirely successful but for a first attempt at figurative work in felting, I’m pleased.

I start with a photograph. I have a large file of photographs—all mine—on my laptop organized by categories. I’m not adept at Photoshop to do the manipulation of the photo on my laptop and so I take it to the local copy store and enlarge it and the line drawing.

Next I try out fabrics. My original thought was to execute the piece in fabric and thread, then to needle-felt the majority and add bits of fabric and finally I decided to use just the roving.


It isn’t the best piece I’ve ever done but it will do as an experiment. I will rethink my thoughts about needle-felting the next month’s challenge using those hand-woven scraps though.

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