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Canning Peaches

This quilt will be included in the new Texas Quilt book edited by Karey Bresenham. Karey is a dear and her staff equally so. The request to look over this quilt for possible inclusion came while I was in the hospital. Sorting through the mail was not a high priority item for several weeks and when I was finally able to do so, the deadline for sending in the quilt had seemingly passed. When I called the office to thank them for the opportunity and that my quilt would not be there, they assured me that there was still time.

My husband was dispatched to find the quilt; somehow men are just not tuned into to looking for a quilt that has a turquoise batik backing with large leaves on it. My dear friend and her husband found the quilt almost right away, and it was shipped off to Houston.

Now for a bit about the quilt itself. I like to work from photographs and to tell a story. This features my mother and her mother about the time my mother was about to marry my father. Mom bought a bushel of Michigan peaches and spent hours canning them, arranging the halves in perfect spirals inside the jars. My grandmother laughed and asked if pretty peaches tasted better. Mom and Dad were married Fifty years, despite the fifteen year difference in their ages and her father’s opposition to the marriage.

I used a lot of surface design techniques including painting peaches with thickened dyes, shibori on flannel, screen-printing and then the applique and thread to define the figures and the jars. At the time I was experimenting with a lot of different techniques and by using the same color palette was able to use nearly all of them in this piece. It is amazing how a very poorly done shibori on the quite wrong type of fabric will look when it is cut up and put next to thirties reproduction nine-patches.

I haven’t sat at my sewing machine for several months and certainly haven’t mixed up any dyes since last year, but the weather is begining to be a bit cooler and that always inspires me.

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  1. Mary Ann Littlejohn #

    I’m so glad to hear about your recovery progress. Karey is a dear and she wants her book to have the best quilts!

    October 1, 2010

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