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Day Four in Honduras

Honduras Day 4

Today my assignment was in Jacaleapa. I was eager to see the town again as this was where we drilled for water–unsuccessfully by the school. But a later team put a well in the park—interestingly the original planned site. Our brigade is set up in a municipal building of some sort, sharing a courtyard with the police. It is quite disconcerting to see them wander through dressed in full gear. However, I spied uniform shirt and pants hung out on a clothesline in front of their official patrol car. There was also an uniformed policewoman–the first I have seen here.

The building was totally empty–no tables, no chairs. Chairs and tables arrived and we set up trying to make the best of what we had. Crowd control is always critical and without it, the noise level and amount of confusion becomes totally intolerable.

Business was steady throughout most of the morning; then we heard that the other team was swamped–they had a late start due to the travel time involved. Scott, Sarah, and Valerie headed off to assist them. It is quite amazing what people can do when put in situtations that would ordinarily be above their reach. For me, it is figuring out what the people are telling me, in Spanish. I had an interpreter for four patients until I saw a little girl who was obviously ill. My interpreter took the little girl and her mother to the dental clinic where she had two dental abscesses drained.

We stopped taking new patients at 4 and by 5 we were finished. With only two doctors, the pharmacy was able to keep up with us. About 4 a delightful shower refreshed us all with a cool breeze. I felt badly about sending patients out to stand in the rain to wait for their prescriptions but then I noticed a large overhang on the building.

My sketchbook is filling up. I ask children to draw pictures for me so that I can remember them when I return to Texas. I did this one other year and the pictures were delightful; this years are not as complex but I have not had the older children drawing. I also have not sat down and read to the children–just one day—and then I was on the floor–a bit awkward for everyone.

I am able to text on my phone—which makes me feel less homesick—but it will be very good to be home again.

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