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Day three in Honduras

Honduras Day 3

We dropped off the first team at an elementary school. The school is beautiful with blooming hibiscus in neat rows;classrooms decorated with posters and classroom rules. The principal made it clear that she expected the entire community to pitch in and work on the school. That school could have easily been transplanted into any city in the U.S.

We continued on to San Matias. Our clinic was to be set up in the municipal building. The building was small, the rooms not clean; the park across the street very pretty with lots of benches and trees and artwork but the grass was not mowed and the street was literally paved with bottle caps. One doctor set up under the mango tree; I set up in a corner on three plastic stools.

business was slow; we saw just 80 some patients. It is disapointing as we have come so far and we want to maximize our efforts. CoordinaTion of efforts seems to be rather spotty and it is hard to kjnow if the problem is our liasion or the local episcopal church.

some of our team members are ill, one has drunk only half of a small bottle of Gatorade all day long, another spent the day in bed. some of them had enough energy last night to sit up and talk—just down the hall from my room—I feel like a party-pooper—I’m in bed early.

I’ve been blessed with hot water both at night and in the morning—my joints certainly appreciate that lovely hot water.

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