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Day One in Honduras


Yesterday was a day spent in travel. Although the flight is just three hours and we are only 50 miles from the airport, it was after 6 before we arrived at Hotel Esperanza. The streets here are very narrow and maneuvering the bus through them and around the corners into the parking lot is extremely challenging. Our bus driver is new and he has not caught on about positioning the bus before we get on.  Cars, bicycles, people on foot, motorcycles and people working on vehicles all clog the streets and there are few traffic signs.

My room is very new, so new it smells of paint, the towels and sheets have fold marks. Supper is across the street in a tiny restaurant. The food is typical Hondurenian–beans, rice, tortilla, cheese.

This morning we breakfasted on wonderful fresh fruit–mango, pineapple, watermelon plus the standard beans, rice, and tortilla. Surprisingly the coffee comes pre-sweetened. I had really wanted a gallon or more of hot coffee–my room is only two feet away from the street where I heard cars, trucks, beeping, etc. through most of the night.

We split into two teams, I am with the second team at Manos de Dios. My interpreter/helper is a high school freshman–and try as we might, we could not get  coordinated with our efforts. I’m not sure if I did not explain well, or perhaps my expectations were too high; I ended up doing my own interpretation. I did not see as many patients as did the other two; maybe tomorrow will be a better day.

a hot shower felt exceedingly good tonight.

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