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On the Way to Work

Today I had a return visit scheduled with the plastic surgeon. I was a tad concerned about a small hard spot that had suddenly appeared in the scar—it felt just like the basal cell. Fortunately it was a simple small cyst and he was able to remove it in about two minutes. It feels odd to have to close-up photos taken of my nose; it still feels like someone stuck a Bozo nose on my face and then twisted it to one side to be sure it is fully screwed on.

In the past few months, I had sorted through my work-room and pulled out things I decided I would never use, yarn in colors I thought ugly, fabric I didn’t like, patterns for fancy dresses I would never make, books I would never open again. It was three big boxes and two large bags full. I dropped them off at a new store—Texas Art Asylum—a place to recycle art supplies.  I had a brief tour of the facility—lots of fun stuff, and I’ll definitely be back when it is open.

I always like to visit one of the museums while I am in Houston and today I decided to tour the Menil. Warhol’s Camouflage Last Supper was on display— it is so fabulous. Rauschenberg, Jasper Johns, Newman in cheerier days—it was a wonderful sampling of their work.

Originally I had planned to stay for the evening meeting of HAFA –that’s Houston Area Fiber Artists. It was supposed to be a tour of a new screen printing facility. I found it with the help of Tom and it certainly looked interesting with a sculpture parts department next door. But tomorrow is a work day and my energy level was fading quickly –and I decided to continue on to a hotel room for the night in preparation for work.

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