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Day Five Snorting Fabric

Our final project was to create several levels of our original idea, cut and re-configure at least once to create two levels of interaction—and if we were really ambitions three.

Afternoon is not my best time to begin a project and I fiddled around a bit pulling the colors of each layer; beginning a strip piecing section as the bold portion. With Nancy’s help, I inserted a curved piece on top of another gently curving piece. Although it lay perfectly flat—I hated it. The curves did not line up and it loomed over my shoulder laughing at me—-believe me, fabric can laugh—and quite derisively!

I proceed onward, trying to ignore that awful intersection—which laughed even louder.

I asked for help again—to line up the curves; I practiced with sample fabric—-with several others of our group watching over my shoulder. The sample was perfect—and I was able to execute another curve equally nicely.  With newfound confidence I whacked out that offending intersection, replaced it with a strip of fabric, and pieced in a few more strips of color.

The piece began to feel rather over-worked—and I decided to quit—whether it was sensory overload or real—I needed to let the work sit for a bit and look at it later with fresher less tired eyes.

Group presentations are always interesting—with revelations by each person regarding what they have learned—and then a brief analysis by Nancy. Although she has the reputation of being abrupt and a tough task-master, I found her statements to be on the edge—tough enough to challenge but kind enough to encourage.

She wondered what I thought about color—for me, color is a tool—and I see it in terms of value and warmth. I find it easier to see those attributes in blue ranges but I can do it in the other color ranges.

Packing up is always rather sad—it’s been a long week, a hard week, but productive. It’s sad to leave—and although I had thought at the beginning of the week, I wouldn’t be back—as I need to just work, but there is such an atmosphere of encouragement and energy and excitement, I find myself looking through the classes to find another class next year.

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