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Day Four Rubber Duckies and Chickens

Shaw’s Inn is a lovely old-fashioned hotel in downtown Lancaster. Breakfast is included in the price of my room—hot Kenyan coffee is always a wonderful way to start the morning. Cooking classes are conducted on the third floor and there are charming little sitting areas on each floor equipped with comfortable chairs and a large selection of books and magazines. You would never expect to find a bright yellow rubber ducky in the guest bathroom—the perfect gift for Violet, one of my classmates.

 Our first project of the day was to present our work. Nancy posted some questions for us to include in our discussion—we are all practicing presenting in addition to design concepts. Connie and Violet (Vicky) showed their recent work yesterday—an amazing duo—who are so different in their color sensibility and their work but yet so full of life. They know how to pace themselves but are willing to stretch.

I was pleased with my final piece although I struggled with the technical aspects of construction. As we went around the room looking at everyone’s work, it was amazing how each piece was so different—although the same assignment—and although worked in neutrals—each one reflected the personality of the maker.

Our next assignment is to repeat the exercise but using different levels of ground and we could use color!

Everyone but me seemed to be making excellent progress on their piece—and two people seemed to  have a completed piece by dinner time. Afternoon is never a good time for me to start a new project and I didn’t get much done more than choosing a color palette and putting up a few strips.

However, I did have time to make a fabric worm to put in the beak of the rubber chicken—–perched invitingly on Connie’s sewing machine.

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