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Day Three Magical Pink Slippers

Today’s assignment was to take one of our previously completed compositions, re-orient it, cut it up, and re-configure it stretching or exaggerating or multiplying. Obediently I took my first piece, turned it on ninety degrees and made a cut, put in another piece—and hated it.

I retreated to the porch with a cup of coffee and watched the trees against the brilliant blue sky. A gently breeze rippled through the upper limbs—it was a perfect day and I contemplated moving my machine outdoors. Downstairs the dyeing group laughed at intervals and a couple wandered out to the clothesline to hang up some brilliant blue fabric and lay out some containers to dry. They are nearly ready to complete their sample books and begin some special dyeing techniques.

Our assignment is due tomorrow morning.

I feel frozen—and unsure of how to proceed.

Something to show is preferable to nothing!

I began to put together all my pieces from the previous exercise suggesting a pile of sketches tossed on a table. Sewing curves and handling bias edges is not an easy task in the best of circumstances and although I’m confident in my sewing skills, cutting a line that includes a seam line is a new skill for me. After struggling most of the day with those curves, I finally turned the edge in and blind-hemmed it. Somehow I managed to sew myself into several corners requiring inset corners; and at one point, I got out a needle and thread and hand-stitched the seam.

I’m pleased with my final piece. I can picture the quilting lines and I’m eager but apprehensive to see tomorrow’s assignment.

**Actually, I posted today’s photo yesterday so you can scroll back or down to see my final product. I’ve got all the photos on smugmug for the week.

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