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Drawing with seams Day One

Spring has arrived in Ohio; trees are covered with catkins, the dogwood is blooming as are the lilacs. I arrived at Nancy Crow’s Barn, unloaded my sewing machine and discovered the fabric in the bed of my truck was quite wet despite the tarp. Two fellow students (Connie and Violet) greeted me and suggested I sit next to them.

Our first task of the morning–after coffee and catch-up time with Margaret, the chef—was to put up all our photograph collages, and then select the ones that appealed to us.  We each took a turn to discuss our choices. It had been a long time since I had presented art work—and I felt very much out of practice. The class is not full, making for a more intimate feel and more space.

Our second task was to select just one of the collages and to ‘draw’ it using seam lines and lines working strictly in neutrals. There wasn’t a lot of conversation—just lots of machine whirring. Tomorrow we have to have three compositions done—all by two in the afternoon.

I left shortly after supper, I had wet fabric to get dried and folded, and sleep.

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