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Bluebonnets and Couscous

Earlier this month, my middle son called and requested our presence. He is in the market for some acreage and had found some that met his requirements. Could we please come up with the down-payment needed and thusly have a ‘home’ for our ancient years? Of course, I could not agree to spending money of that quantity without a personal look-see and husband suggested a picnic lunch.

A day spent tromping about in the country is not a bad thing and with bluebonnets likely to be in bloom a pleasurable visual treat. We scurried about getting suitable picnic eatings—we briefly considered a re-do of Ratty’s picnic but decided time was limited so I did manage a cold couscous salad. Joy of Cooking lists three methods of cooking the bulgur; I chose the one that didn’t use a steamer. I had sufficient misgivings half-way through the project that I made a pasta salad in addition.

Glen with Charlie in the creek

TomTom had a little difficulty in identifying the actual acreage and we missed the driveway the first time. Jimmy arrived shortly afterwards and brought along an exchange student from Norway plus his two dogs—Jake and Charlie. Everyone had a wonderful time romping through the woods and the seasonal stream. Lunch was consumed from the tail-gate of my truck backed into the metal building. Food, including the couscous salad was pronounced wonderful by all—of course, twenty something year old guys that are busy and active can eat! Jake and Charlie were quite alert for any accidental droppings.


Bluebonnets and Paintbrush were blooming in profusion and I took lots of photos—-while husband assisted a college age young man with a flat tire who did not know how to work a jack. Unfortunately I did not get any photos documenting this process but then I was in the ditch taking more photographs of those lovely bluebonnets.

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