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Austin TX Fiber Show

Gallery Space at Tokyo

In Austin for a medical meeting and fortunate to finish early, I was pleased to discover the show at Tokyo Electron a mere ten minutes away from the Austin Airport. Traffic was light and we made good time. Tokyo Electron is a large complex situated on a hill overlooking the south side of Austin. The lobby is spacious with a guard on duty. No photos were allowed of individual pieces but we were given permission to take photos of the space.

A large variety of work was displayed with an emphasis on deconstructed screen printing. Several pieces caught my eye.  A series of sweater sleeves felted and displayed on willow branches was interesting, a piece created by screen-printing areas to create three geishas with hand embroidery and appliqué was particularly lovely, a collage of all the contributing artists of small rectangular pieces was fascinating; two jackets were beautifully displayed.

Some of the pieces were cloth created with techniques ranging from screen –printing to stitching to painting to collage. Most of these could have benefited from a guide at the bottom to prevent folding and waves. A rodded sleeve or perhaps a curtain chain might have improved their presentation. Other pieces included some more traditional quilts, felting, and collage pieces. These pieces were interesting but seem to be not fully developed artistically. Although nicely presented and with nice workmanship, none seemed to have a distinctive voice but appeared to be early career work.

Interestingly enough, the guard began following me around as I described the techniques used in the various pieces to my patient spouse. He was intrigued and asked several good questions.

A nice show—and congratulations to the Austin Fiber Artists in acquiring this wonderful space.

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  1. Sylvia, thank you for your thoughtful review of the show at Tokyo Electron. I appreciate your coming to visit and taking the time to write about it. Not even three years old as a group, we were proud of this exhibit. our first juried show.

    I took some time looking around your web site and all your creative endeavors. Thanks again.

    April 2, 2010

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