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Copper Shade Tree Fiber Show

Antique Rose Emporium Garden Chair

Round Top Texas, population 77, is not exactly what anyone might think as having a fine art show. Of course, I might be a tad prejudiced, as I am one of the juried artists in the annual Fiber show at the Copper Shade Tree. The show was absolutely gorgeous and beautifully arranged. Eleven pieces sold the first night and the books featuring the premier pieces—the American Landscape—also sold out. It was fun meeting people whom I knew by name only—and talking about art and the thinking that goes on before.

I made my way back to the Outpost at Cedar Grove—the Prairie Cottage—for the night. The cottage is a one room cabin with attached bathroom and tiny kitchenette out in the middle of the prairie. Stars filled the sky; the next morning breakfast was egg soufflé, banana chip muffins, fresh fruit, and a bottomless cup of coffee. The sun surprised us all after a week of gloomy and rain and although it was a bit chilly, it was a perfect day for being out and about.

Exploring Round Top—without the hordes of people expected in about 3 weeks for the antique extravaganza—was fun; the shop-owners welcoming customers including a large group from a nearby retreat center—and then there were some who claimed to be ‘random women’ out on a weekend shopping tour.  Nothing really took my fancy except for a quarter pound of rum cherry nut fudge. Tomorrow I meet two good friends for lunch and return home.

 *** The show continues through the first week of March with some items hanging for a week or so longer. It has been quite successful with 23 pieces sold and 3 commissions (alas–not any of mine).
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