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Kathy’s Kosmic Kowgirl Kafe Breakfast

It didn’t take long for us to pack up the cabin but I can’t figure out how the food didn’t all fit back into the two coolers—we did eat while we were there. We had decided to have breakfast at Kathy’s Kosmic Kowgirl Kafe as an easy and quick way to get started on our trip home.

Kathy’s Kafe is a collection of buses and trailers and picnic items all painted PeptoBismol Pink. Heated dining had been added—a fire ring in the center of beach chairs and plastic flamingos and fed by several locals—one was campaigning for judge. While we waited for our breakfast burritos, I asked if there were any stories of mischievous small beings that did things like move your vehicle several miles while you were out hiking or make the path steeper on return. They nodded sagely and replied—‘river guides’!

That breakfast burrito was huge and quite tasty. We made fairly good time on our way back, stopping at Buckee’s in Luling around 3 for a freshly made roast beef sandwich and home-made chips. Construction on I-10 made driving through Houston somewhat challenging but we arrived home around 8.

Unloading the truck, sorting out everything, doing laundry, uploading photos, sorting through email, phone messages, and snail mail, plus the inevitable  getting ready to go back to work always seems a bittersweet ending to a fabulous time.

We’ve already made plans for our return debating the possibilities of spring flowers and crowds versus the solitude of the winter months—or maybe both.

Our cameras were both quite destroyed with mud and sand inside the camera lenses. We used the big Canon to take some photos of the remaining days; photos are being uploaded onto the smugmug site; Glen will contact Canon to see what can be done about our cameras.

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