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About a month or so ago, the Fedex driver rang the doorbell and delivered a large box from HomeMovieDepot. It was the 8mm and VCR tapes from my parents that I had sent in to be converted to DVD. A project I had long considered and now finally completed my husband was eager to see the final results.

Spotted and grainy in places—they had been through two hurricanes while living at my house—and my parents had stored them in the bathroom (I don’t know why—it was always the place where photos were kept—way behind a stack of well-worn towels—and in a shoebox), they were incredibly fascinating. There were lots of photos of dogs doing tricks, an air-show with prop airplanes, a boat race on the Mississippi, threshing, my parent’s honeymoon—mostly photos of them standing at state signs waving at each other, my Grand-dad polishing his car. The more recent photos were harder to watch—and I could only bear to watch half of the taping of their Fortieth Anniversary party. (and my Fortieth will be next year—hard to believe!)

Last year was a long and difficult one. It’s hard to judge how much I can and should do physically and how I will feel the next day. I’m chafing at the lack of progress and while I have the time, I do not have the energy for even the simplest of projects.

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