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Victoria’s Secret Bathroom

I’d been thinking about it all week. At a loss for an appropriate gift for my daughter-in-law, I decided to get her a gift card from Victoria’s Secret. My grandfather had always given my mother money designated for new underwear—which seemed rather risqué as he was so proper and formal. The sales staff assured me that they would be most appreciative if their mother-in-law gifted them with such a thing—and they carefully put the card into a fancy gift-box.

Two years ago, she gave me a miniature sewing room tableau; a year or so before, a doctor’s office. So I decided to give her a Victorian bathroom. It wasn’t easy finding a photograph and I spent an hour or so looking at all sorts of tubs, toilets, fixtures, wash-stands. Having left it to the very last moment, I didn’t have time to run to Galveston or Natchitoches to investigate personally. But I managed to come up with an image that I adapted.

The gift card was underneath the robe—where all underwear should be, of course.

It’s stitched onto a bamboo place-mat—an experiment in presenting work. I sewed some rings on the back so it can be hung on the wall. I tried sewing it on with my sewing machine—broke a lot of needles. Hand-stitching just along the top edge and maybe a few tacks along each side might work—but time was running short.

Yes, she loved it!

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