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Caves and Volcanoes and Rainbows

Here I am looking at Rainbow Falls


Rain pounding on the roof woke us this morning—three inches over night. Rain continued after breakfast and from the look of the weather forecast promised to be an all day affair.

Our first adventure was in a local lava tube cave. It was quite wet and drippy inside; the entrance draped with ferns and long roots. The interior was interesting with a floor of rubble that although uneven was not difficult to walk on. The sides of the cave-tube looked like glaze on a bundt cake; whitish material formed on much of the side walls with rivulets of more concentrated white—almost like a root system. There were no cracks underneath those lines—and due to the darkness—and need for flashlights, I have no photos. However, I was quite soaked when I finally climbed out of the cave.

We spent some time at the Boiling Pots and then Rainbow Falls. With the recent rain there was a lot of water bubbling and boiling over the rocks. Several tour buses were at Rainbow Falls, the rainbow only showing itself in the early morning hours.  Several huge banyan trees were nearby—and the whole area appeared quite tropical.

We drove along the coast northward—I think—the ocean was on our right and the hillsides were green and lush. Macadamia groves, banks of flowering poinsettias, breadfruit trees, and ecualiptis forest—planted as a substitute for cash crop sugar cane were on the road side. When we finally came to the Bishop Wapui park area, four wheel drive was necessary to make our way down a very tiny winding road to sea level. A few wild horses grazed in the groves; the surf was spectacular (for this Texas girl used to one to two feet high waves) and we were treated to a surfer making a run. I picked up a bottle of black sand and a few rocks.

Tomorrow Don has to work and so we made an early evening of it—eating spaghetti and meatballs for supper and turned in early.

 Photos are on smugmug at:

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