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A closeup look at Pele

FernWednesday Veterans Day

The day started with breakfast—Virginia sausage and eggs and toast. Our first stop was at Walmart to get some bottled water for the day—and I found a hula dancer for my truck dashboard.

We headed up the mountain and stopped at an orchid factory/show-place. There were hundreds of orchids on display and many more in the back greenhouses. Ladies were invited to wear an orchid, over the left ear for ‘taken’ , over the right ear for  ‘available’ and over both for ‘taken but still available and looking’. A packet of papaya seeds captured our fancy.

Next we stopped at the winery, and did a small tasting of several wines and left with a bottle of red plus two jars of mango and passionfruit butters. By this time  it was lunch—the Lava Rock Café was nearby—and we each had a shrimp-crab wrap.  A local favorite is potato/mac salad which is potato salad with macaronis.  We split a passionfruit cheesecake.

Then on to the volcanoes. Steam poured out of various vents; the calderas were huge; tree molds were interesting—it is so desolate—

Supper was salad with fresh avocado.

**Sorry I didn’t write more about this day but I was really tired. I did take a lot of photos though–the orchids were gorgeous and I could have spent all day there. The ranger that did the tour was adorably gauche but incredibly knowledgeable. I kept getting left behind because I was stopping to take photos–it is truly an artist’s wonderland. There is a artisan shop filled with all sorts of local wood carvings and painting and prints. I could have spent all day here too. Then there was the cute little quilt shop next to the Lava Rock Cafe–also filled full of all sorts of fun things. I bought two pieces of batik that were designed by an Hawaiian–made elsewhere–and two patterns–with no intention of making them–I just like to look at them.

 more photos are here on smugmug at

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