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It’s been nearly a month since our trip to Hawaii and I took a lot of pictures. It’s taken me awhile to edit them all but thought I’d post them in order along with my blog entries—I was too busy during the day and too tired at night to spend time on the internet.

Leaving Continental USA for Hawaii

November 11, 2009

Monday was a very long day. The flight from Houston to Honolulu is 8 hours long and the seats are even tinier than I remembered. The plane had an inflight GPS which showed the plane’s location. There is a lot of water between Baja California and Hawaii. I took some photos but slept some and then read a book on my Kindle.

We spent about two hours in Honolulu airport before our final flight to Hilo. I wished I had schedule two days in Honolulu but there is always another time. Carol met us at the airport with shell leis in hand; it was now quite dark; the sunset in the tropics lasting all of about two minutes.

Their house is quite lovely and full of curios from their life in Tonga and their art collection. Our room is upstairs with a lovely mango wood floor, lots of windows, and I feel as though I’m living in a wonderful treehouse.

Don got caught in the bad weather on  the mountain but arrived mid-morning yesterday. We drove around some, I got to play in the black sand beaches. The water here is so clear—and a bit chilly. The only wildlife we saw were college students clad in bathing suits and bikinis, with bottles of wine, pens in hands and textbooks on their blankets. We had lunch at an ice cream shop and stopped for a sample of the  local ice cream.

Then we headed back home to rest a bit before our evening event—a sake tasting. The event was held in what looked to be a church basement with the long tables and gray folding chairs labeled on the back and pillars supporting the ceiling. We sat around the tables staring at our score card—with circles and names of the different sakes. It looked a lot like a bingo card. They served some pupus—appetizers—that were as fun to guess what they were as the sake’s names. There are fourteen colors and our task was to find the one that was ours—-I don’t think saki comes in my color.

Tomorrow we’ll take a look at the volcanoes.

photos are here on smugmug at:

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