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Saturday at Houston Quilt Festival

Can it be almost a week afterwards?

To continue my story: I know everyone is wondering what will happen next?


I had to have been extremely tired yesterday because I awoke to the sound of coffee beans being poured into a grinder—I thought they were pills that Sherry was taking in the middle of the night. It was after seven!


ivy in the doorwayWe took our time mostly chatting and drinking coffee so it was nearly eleven before I parked my truck—I can’t do that parking garage even though it is right across the street. Sherry bought her quilting frame while I walked back from the lot near Annunciation. It was a beautiful day and I wished I had time to wander through Discovery Green—a park overlying the parking garage. There is a series of huge globes along the pathways, a small pond where you can rent a remote control sailboat for half an hour, lots of benches and grass and lovely flower beds all in bloom.


Lunch was with Ricky Tims—and it was fabulous. He used a variety of musical instruments but my favorite (and his) was the Canadian Christmas Carol. Sherry had to leave a bit early to pick up her bag and get to her class on Happy Villages taught by Karen Eckmeier. Unfortunately, Karen was ill and Betty Blais from Embellishment Village filled in for her. She told them that if someone called from her booth, she would have to go but that someone from Quilts Inc would come and perform a tap dance for them. (Hmm—wonder who that would have been—and what sort of costume—and what sort of dance)


Colleen Davis and Improvisational knitting class begins

Colleen Davis and Improvisational knitting class begins

My class was with Colleen Davis on improvisational knitting. She had a suitcase full of jackets and shawls and sweaters and although half of the garments were for a different class, she let us prowl through them all, try them on, and quiz her on the stitches. The garments were a lot of fun—knitted pieces, felted around various objects such as peanuts or Styrofoam balls or wooden beads and then pieced into a garment. For a few minutes I wished I lived in Wisconsin where sweaters can be worn nearly year round.

There were lots more–a whole suitcase full but these were the ones I elbowed my way in to take photos. I’ve done one piece with a knitted background–but wonder what would happen if I tried knitting and then felting???? 


one of many lovely samples

one of many lovely samples

another sample

another sample

linear knitting

linear knitting






Here is her website—it was a fun morning—too bad knitting isn’t faster.


After class, we did a little more shopping –some really luscious yarns—cashmere and alpaca and silk– and then my iron that hops up on it’s little feet.


We ate leftovers from the refrigerator that night—both us too weary to do much more than run the microwave.

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