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I’m a Movie Star

Flags flying in front of the George R Brown

Flags flying in front of the George R Brown

We got up early and arrived at the George R. Brown around 7, both of us fearful traffic would be heavy and detoured with the possibility of the President flying into Hobby airport. Sherry had a class first thing—painting an eye with Bonnie Caffery—a class she had wanted to take for years but had always been full. She was nervous but I made her go; I had a second cup of coffee while I watched people get in line for the opening of the show.



Look at that line

Look at that line

The line extended down the escalators and all the way down the hallway to the very end of the center with everyone chattering excitedly and waving at friends. There was a line outside too but I could not get outside for a view—but I remember in past years, the line was two blocks long.


Make It University was open and I signed up for and was fortunate enough to win a coveted spot. Alma patiently directed us in making a lovely wooden pendant with fabric, a ‘jewel’ and puff paint. Some of the pieces were quite lovely; mine was rather smeary with paint blobs, my fingers still not interested in doing my bidding.


The Queen with her new Boa from the resale shop

The Queen with her new Boa from the resale shop

Lunchtime was with my fellow fabricators and time for the great reveal of our collaborative book projects. The table was littered with prunes—the official treat. And for me, a box of Moon Pies, a Southern delicacy this Midwesterner had never had. This year, our theme was our house and each of us had a specific room to decorate. My room was the basement and I thought that everyone would have James Bond and his roadster practicing in their basements.



Fellow Fabricators

Fellow Fabricators

With much laughter we read each other’s books and were surprised to be interviewed by Bonnie Caffery and will appear sometime soon on  I’m sure I will have lots of offers to star in upcoming movies but I promise to be nice to everyone I knew before I became so famous! I do hope Bonnie got my best side.


In the afternoon, I spent some time at the Misti-fuse booth and listened to the two other workers endlessly explain the same process but with the same level of enthusiasm as the first time I heard it that day (and probably the fiftieth time for them). Then I spent an hour or so at the SAQA booth with MaryAnn Littlejohn, Laurie Brainerd, and Martha Sielman. We had a lively discussion regarding PAM (professional Artist Member) and the Portfolio. I must have looked really weary as they all told me to go home early.


It was a long day and I didn’t think I did all that much but it was good to take off my shoes and socks that evening. Sherri’s two daughters, boyfriend, and son brought us food from FryBirds (?)—I had a vegetarian burrito that was so huge I could only eat half; and Sherri had a plate of nachos that looked wonderful.

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  1. Marianne #

    Hi, this is your Mexican “tablemate” from Ann Johnston’s class. Small world as MaryAnn Littlejohn and I know each other from our time in Saudi Arabia and I see her every year when I’m in Houston for Festival. Her kids were on the Reunion trip to Saudi with me this spring….
    I’m slowly getting caught up and rested from last week – but it’s always great!

    October 26, 2009

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