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Four in the morning is awfully Early

View from George R Brown convention Center

View from George R Brown convention Center

Four is an early time for the alarm especially when crawling into bed the night before but how could I miss Festival?


It was still dark when I pulled into the parking lot but buses were already pulling up. It didn’t take long before lines were forming in front of the coffee kiosks and registration. I had to hustle to my class with Ann Johnston.


The class was full with twenty-five eager students; many from overseas. My tablemate was an expat living in Mexico. We worked all morning; nearly everyone else must have inhaled a package of cheese and crackers for lunch because when I returned from lunch—there were lots of practice blocks up on their design walls. I rather struggled with the machine assigned to the class and so managed to get through just one of the three exercises.


first exercise

first exercise

Second part of first exercise

Second part of first exercise







I hadn’t intended to buy much but somehow several things hopped into my bag.

—Aunt Philly’s toothbrush needle.  My good friend and I had both dreamed about these for years thinking they were beyond our budget—she bought it for me today! And herself!

—two bags of weaving samples in wool and silk/cotton that I think will be fun to felt

—a packet of Japanese sewing needles

–a single felting needle holder that looks a lot like a seam reaper

–Ann Johnston’s new book on Design


Wondering through the aisles I saw lots of friends; Jamie Fingal was demo’ing free motion quilting, Lyric Kinard was describing a DVD with surface design techniques, and Jane Davila was maintaining order in Make-It-University.


My feet were tired.


We had dinner with Sherri’s son—a tuna steak sandwich for me and meatloaf plate for them. The restaurant’s ceiling was painted with angel wing dog-bones and dogs.

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  1. Pray tell, what is a toothbrush needle? I am envisioning a toothbrush head studded with needles. Sounds interesting, if a little dangerous!

    October 21, 2009
    • Do you remember when toothbrushes had a hole/slot in one end for you to hang it up on a hook in the bathroom? the original ‘needle’ was made from an old tooth brush with the bristle end removed and the slot used as the eye of the needle. If you google toothbrush rugs, you should find a source for them. It was great fun and rather addictive making that toothbursh rug.

      October 3, 2010

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