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Breakfast of Champions



I really think I must have been a Hobbit in another life as I do like breakfast—several of them over the course of a day and then late afternoon tea. Earlier this week, the box of bran that had been sitting on the island in my kitchen continued to stare rather reproachfully at me. I had bought it in a ‘I need to eat healthy’ mode but then as it was hot cereal and it was in the middle of a ‘surface of the sun’ summer here in Texas, that box just sat there.




On Monday, I opened it, measured out a quarter cup, poured in the cup of water, sprinkled a bit of sea salt over it and stuck it in the microwave. I occupied myself by cutting up several apples picked from my farm and scooping out some black walnuts—ditto. The cereal formed a molten eruption all over the inside of the microwave and I ended up eating about a quarter cup of it—the rest I got to scrub out.


Maybe that’s how it is so healthy for you—you only eat a small bowl and then spend twenty minutes cleaning up after it. And I see there is a recipe for muffins on the box.

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