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Dragonfly and Turtle



Several months ago a speaker at the local quilt guild brought Shiva paintsticks and Tjaps for a hands-on lecture—my favorite! Our instructions were to hold the tjpap firmly, wrap-fold fabric over the business end and rub lightly with the Shiva Paintstick. There were quite a few to choose from but I picked up this dragonfly and the turtle. It was a surprisingly easy technique and I have ambitions to make a jacket from similarly created fabric.





These two samples lingered somewhere in the middle of my to-do basket until last month. I backed them with more of the same fabric, used a batting of flannel, and  two new spools of variegated rayon thread. The lake and reeds near the turtle are thread only. The edging is seam lace rolled into a rough sort of yarn and zig-zagged on. Triangles are on the back top corners forming a pocket to place a hanging device—a pencil will work.


Both of these pieces will be up for the reverse auction starting in October in the Art for Autism annual event. Here is the addy for the site. Last year I bought two lovely pieces made by Beth Wheeler–it’s a nice way to get some artwork from artists around the country while donating to a good cause.

With my flurry of finishing things, I am beginning to acquire a nice stack of pieces that will be my donation stash. People tell me they can recognize my work but I must confess that sometimes I will look at something and ooh and aah over it—and find much to my embarrassment that I made it. I’ve thought about it and think that my joy comes in the doing, the finished product is not my aim. And so it is easy for me to see pieces leave.

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