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Annie Get Your Gun

Remington in lobby of Stark Museum

Remington in lobby of Stark Museum

Last week I had the pleasure of seeing Annie Get Your Gun put on by a local theatre group in conjunction with the college theatre Department. It was great fun and well worth seeing again as I’m sure I missed some of the visual puns. Annie Oakley was an interesting person, someone I would have enjoyed knowing in person. She was a great champion of women being treated as equals in skills and in spending time outdoors exercising. She always wore a skirt or dress that she made herself with special fasteners to keep her skirt modestly attached to her leggings even while riding a bicycle. All of her shooting was done sidesaddle and she did occasionally lose shooting matches.


The Stark Museum had a display of fancy guns which included a pair commissioned for her by her husband Frank Butler. I don’t own a gun and have never shot anything more lethal than a black powder rifle aimed at a tin can during my college days. However, these guns were engraved and carved and truly beautiful in the fine details. I left wishing I could spend some time with the artists who put so much love and care into their work.


My accomplice and I ate at the Old Orange Café housed in an old dairy plant and open only for lunch and on theatre nights. The chef came to each table and inquired about the quality of the food (excellent!)


There is a life and vitality in things created by those who enjoy their work and share it with others. Theatre, art, music, food—all are better.

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