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Vegetable Printing on the Surface of the Sun

Brussel Sprout Leaves, Cucumber, and Avocado Peel

Brussel Sprout Leaves, Cucumber, and Avocado Peel

Today was supposed to be a quiet day, spent resting and eating a high protein-no carbohydrate-no dairy products-lots of water and fasting after 11 in preparation for a PET scan. Breakfast was a boiled egg and three slices of bacon and lots of coffee—I checked and they said that was okay. I happily spent the morning uploading my Honduras blog notes and did a bit of editing on some of my photo galleries as available hard drive space on my laptop is shrinking at an alarming rate.


Vegetable printing at the shop was my next project plus I needed to see how my garden was faring. There was one large cucumber, the grass needed mowing but I wasn’t supposed to exercise today and it was so hot I don’t think I could have sat on the mower without being soldered into place.  I sorted through a few boxes from Art Camp while waiting for the air conditioner to cool the interior—why does everything always look so much more interesting when other folks have packed it away and it is in a different order than you remember?


Hand-dyed cotton yellow to blue

Hand-dyed cotton yellow to blue

Two hours later with sweat dripping off my nose and down my back, I packed up my paint, vegetables, and a few pieces of fabric and headed home. The air conditioner refused to do more than blow hot air around.


For some reason, I prefer to use only home-grown produce as my stamps. My first effort was with a squash and a lemon. Today I used dried Brussel Sprout leaves, avocado peel (I didn’t grow this one but I do have an avocado tree growing in my back yard), and a cucumber cut in half lengthwise and across.


Cotton Velveteen

Cotton Velveteen

Test-printing was in my sketchbook and on today’s newspaper, then on two hand-dyed cotton fabrics and a cotton velveteen. The velveteen was scrumptious; the sketchbook moderately interesting, and the cottons rather unexciting. Of course, there is always embellishing and stitching and cutting it up and recombining that may make these pieces absolutely fabulous.  I cleaned my brush on the sketchbook and the fabric and let everything dry.


The Brussel Sprout leaves were really great even though they were like leather; the one cut in half was too small to be interesting and the cucumber smelled nice but wasn’t very intriguing.

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