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Going Home from Honduras

Christ overlooking Tegucigalpa

Christ overlooking Tegucigalpa

 Although the medical-dental team would gladly see patients until an hour before our return flight, there is much to do with packing up and securing equipment. The folding dental chairs, sterilizer, and generator were stored in the container. Those folding chairs are a luxury as sometimes the local dentists work from a straight back chair—wooden if they are lucky—but more likely one of those plastic stacking chairs sold for just a few dollars at the end of each summer.


We ride in the school bus back to Tegucigalpa mid-day; all of us are sad to think that we will leave the next day but glad to see familiarities of a hotel lounge, shops, and restaurants. Terry and I decide to venture out in the city; the art museum is our first destination. A cab is summoned by the concierge who assures us that he is very safe.


The cab driver speaks excellent English and offers a sight-seeing tour. First we climb the mountain to overlook Tegucigalpa. We stand nearly at the feet of Christ overlooking the city. Flowers are blooming and I wish we could spend an entire afternoon there walking amongst the gardens.


Both of us were impressed with the Art Museum which is housed in an old convent. Two other visitors offered suggestions about other museums to visit. Again I could have gladly spent an afternoon in the patio enjoying the flowers.


The evening meal was in the hotel restaurant with each member roasted—gently—with a special token gift.


Our flight was not until late afternoon and so Terry and I set out again to explore the city with the assistance of our taxi driver from the previous day. We toured several churches including the Basilica where the Cardinal of Honduras was commissioning new priests. Our taxi driver was most solicitous and watched over us carefully, not allowing us to be outside without his careful eye. Interestingly, the Cardinal has his own bodyguards armed with automatic rifles and dressed in camo.


Airports seem to be same everywhere—a lot of waiting and standing and moving luggage here and there. The flight was over-booked and a tropical storm hovered over the airport necessitating arrival flights to be diverted to San Pedro Sula. There was a great cheer when after three hours the diverted flights arrived.


Everyone rushed to get on board but connecting flights for most of the team members had already left by the time we boarded. All I had to do was clear customs, collect my luggage, retrieve my truck from the parking lot and drive home.


Already I am looking forward to next year’s return trip.

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