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Rain and the sound of moving furniture woke me this morning around 2. The tile roof was leaking but not in my room. Rivers of water formed in the hallways and the maids were busy with mop buckets and brooms.  The floor of one guest room was completely covered with water with the beds shoved into what must have been the only dry spot.


Breakfast was an omelet and more of that wonderful coffee. We loaded up again with the planned destination of Zarzal and Oropoli. When we got to the turnoff for Zarzal, we were met by Paco. The bus would not be able to negotiate the road after the heavy rain. The medication duffels were transferred to the back of the trucks and we bumped down a rocky road.


Our clinic location was in a community building. The light was not good and the area was very small. Squeezing three doctors, a dentist and the pharmacy in such a small place was a challenge. Triage was set up outside and we saw patients fairly steadily through the morning.


Lunch was a cold cheeseburger, a salad of cucumber and lettuce, and pears. Fred and I took a walk up the hill and discovered a lovely partially built luxury house. We scooted under the barb wire fence and enjoyed the wonderful view. The other team was diverted to Yuscaran because of the flooding of the bridge on the way to Oropoli. They quickly saw all of their patients and returned to assist us.


Our secondary clinic was set up in that partially built house on the top of the house. Everyone laughed and ducked under the barb wire fence and set up their clinic areas despite lack of tables and chairs.


At the end of the day we returned to Zamarano in time for a lovely dinner of chicken and vegetables accompanied by a paper cup of white wine courtesy of Dr. Compton.


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