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home from school

home from school

My day began with a breakfast of fried egg, beans, fried plantain, and wonderful coffee. The sky is overcast and threatens rain but I am prepared with a poncho in my backpack.


The medical team splits into two with two physicians, triage, interpreters, pharmacy, and a dentist. Frequently, the location of our makeshift clinics changes—sometimes the village and sometimes the actual location. I’m sure a lot of local politics are involved and I’m glad I am not involved in any of those decisions.


Setting up the clinic is always interesting as we must look at the site and then figure out a way to adapt what is available to meet our needs. No-one ever seems impatient or dismayed but simply sets to. The local church people are very attentive and I cannot drop a pencil without three or four children leaping to retrieve it for me.


The day was hot but it was relatively cool inside. It seemed that there were sicker people this year than in the past. Things we might take for granted—bars of soap—are an incredible luxury for these people. Still, the young girls posed for photos with my hat; children jostled each other (politely) for the opportunity to draw pictures for me, and everyone enjoyed blowing bubbles.


Once again, I am reminded of how fortunate the people in the US are—including me—and how ungrateful for their many blessings.


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  1. Karen #

    I couldn’t agree more with your last statement! Every time I travel to the islands, I am reminded of all the luxuries that we take for granted, while they are thrilled to receive basic supplies. Quite an eye-opener!

    June 21, 2009

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