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Leaving the Barn and Sum Dong Luc

Original piece of art and color inventory

Original piece of art and color inventory

Today was the last day of class.




We had a demo of ‘tonking’ —-paint is applied and let dry; a second thinner and/or wetter layer of paint is applied and lifted off with a piece of newsprint or saran wrap or bubble wrap.


Our last assignment was to do a color inventory of an assigned piece of art. Each of us had a different piece. This was a Mexican painting on metal.


Then we had to do a piece using the proportions and the colors from the original piece. this is the first one I did.


I did several others including a reversal–not quite as elegant but I could see that a series of works based on one particular object using those colors but in different proportions would be a very interesting challenge–and cohesive.


Then we were free to work on whateever project we wished.


Everyone worked busily and by mid afternoon we had another wall covered. Actually every wall was covered with our work.


Liz gifted me with a rubber ducky Quack Doctor—which will ride in my truck as my mascot.


We ate supper at Sum Dong Luc, a wonderful Chinese restaurant in nearby Reynoldsburg. I had the Singapore Noodles, their specialty which is a delicately spiced curry. Traditionally everyone reads their fortune cookie aloud and adds ‘while lying naked in bed’. There was a great deal of laughing even before this.


One by one each person left and headed home, I will leave in the morning. The week has been intense and I’m not quite sure I’ve taken it all in yet. My understanding of color has improved but it still feels clunky and contrived. I think I now have the basics; practicing them until they feel innate will be the challenge.


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  1. The key to understanding what you learned is to use it.
    Practice, practice and practice.

    April 25, 2009
  2. Mary Ann Littlejohn #

    Sylvia, who was your instructor?

    April 25, 2009
  3. I wish I had know about this workshop… I would have loved to have gone. Can’t wait to hear more about it.

    April 26, 2009

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