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Frost, Sun, and Kimonos


Frost covered my windshield this morning. I am longing for sun and warmth. Creativity for me comes from a place of security and warmth. Class-work has been intense but I feel I am not quite giving it the attention I should because I’m wiggling and stomping my feet and wishing I’d brought long underwear.


I arrive early this morning; and watch the sun weakly begin to shine. I muddle through my project, mixing more paint but think that if I could have just picked out fabric to match the colors in the painting; I could have been done in about twenty minutes or so. The craft part is devilishly frustrating but I begin to see that it can be conquered. I suspect it is not nearly as complex as piecing or machine embroidery.


I’ve debated all week about taking time off to see ‘Art of the Kimono’ in Canton.


Canton is about two hours away; the exhibit was well worth the drive from Texas to see. Describing it in a paragraph or two is difficult; it is one of those things that has to be seen in person to understand fully.


It is a retrospective of a master shibori kimono dyer’s work—and can be best compared to Monet’s Water Lilies. The expertise and mastery involved in creating such subtleties in dyeing were incredible. Just the movie itself describing the process was worthwhile.


No photography was allowed—unfortunately so no photos today.



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  1. Ah yes – spring in Ohio!
    I remember it well.
    Either wear layers of clothing – so many that it makes it hard to move and work, or wear polar fleece!

    April 24, 2009

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