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I spent today and yesterday mixing mud.


Gouache is a new medium for me and I haven’t gotten it quite down. Too thin and the color of the paper shows through—a good thing with water color but this is supposed to be opaque. Too thick and it knobs up in ridges and takes forever to dry. We are painting on newsprint which tends to run from the brush and then curl up as it dries.


We are supposed to be mixing chromatic grays (minimally colored mud) and muted colors (colorful mud). Everyone else seems to be zipping along while I am still arranging my workspace. I sit next to the door everyone goes in and out—and so my little pieces of newsprint tend to flutter and rearrange themselves into different piles. I am afraid I will run out of paint and so restocked with some regular acrylics from Walmart this morning. The checkout lady laughed when she saw my purchases—I was the third person at that very early hour to purchase paints and stamps and brushes.


Then there is the real mud. I got stuck last night in the middle of pouring rain. I thought I had parked on a solid area; I even tried to push the truck out—rather silly of me now that I think of it. For the rest of the week, I’ll park on the gravel, especially since we had even more rain today—and some hail.


Today’s assignment was to compose six compositions using all that mud. I got four done; two to do tomorrow morning before we start the day’s work.


Pictures tomorrow!



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