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Arriving at Crow Timber Frame Barn Workshop




I am cozily ensconced in a very nice B&B in downtown Lancaster Ohio and contemplating an early bedtime. Tomorrow is the first day of class and the instructor (not Nancy but of the same mindset) has planned a full week. My truck was full of the supplies he requested but this time I did not have the bed full also—I think I brought a fabric shop with me last time. Paints and paper take up less room but I also brought projects to work on—optimistically thinking I will have spare time. I have never worked with gouache before so this should prove to be interesting.




After setting up—not much to do with setting out paint and paper, we had a nice evening meal and then introduced ourselves. Each of us had to tell a bizarre story or fact about ourselves—I am always at a loss in this sort of thing. Some stories were quite odd, some gruesome, others entertaining.


driving from Texas to Ohio in the rain

driving from Texas to Ohio in the rain

The drive from Texas took two full days; with nearly all of it through rain. I saw a few vehicles spun out on the side of the road, a few slow spots as wreckers removed debris but on the whole even the semis were driving slowly.




Since this week I am supposed to be learning about color, I thought about what color I might think Spring is—after all, it was a really long drive—- delicate yellow-green against rich dark brown. Winter would be shades of gray and black; Fall brilliant yellows and clear blue; I don’t think I thought about summer because I was looking at all the shrubbery in bloom. Dogwoods and redbud and plum and then there was an upside down wisteria tree—plus all the trees flowering—in shades of orange and green.


So then I started thinking about each state and what color it might be.


Arkansas was all sloshy —- shades of gray with little variation—too bad, it’s really a pretty state in fine weather.


Tennessee was emerald green with black board fences and plowed fields with trees blooming in the fence rows.


Kentucky was road cuts of white and orange slabs of rock with purple wisps of trees.



Ohio had bits of brilliant colored tulips and jonquils against dull brown and peeps of green


Texas, of course, was green—with bluebonnets and Paintbrush and daisies and firewheel all blooming.


Interesting idea for a series.

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  1. That’s a GREAT idea for a series! Hope you get a chance to run with it. Looks like you have a great week ahead.

    April 20, 2009
  2. I can’t believe a story teller extraordinaire like you couldn’t fabricate something!

    April 22, 2009

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