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Climbing the hill

up-the-hillLast Day in Campbell River and going home


Our day began with a lovely breakfast overlooking Cape Mudge lighthouse. Our hosts have an amazing collection of books and artwork throughout the house, relics of their time in Italy. They have arranged for me to meet with Carol Seeley, a local quilt artist of some fame—and we visit her studio—all new—for a private showing of her work. She is delightful, I quiz her about her techniques, and finally she drops us in the center of town.


We wander a bit about town, checking out the drug store and supermarket—odd to see everything labeled in French and English—instead of Spanish and English— and have lunch at the Boston Pizza restaurant, owned by Carol and her husband. It is a beautiful day and it is a pleasant walk back to the B&B.


We decided to have supper at Freddie’s Pub. We walk (forever) up and down streets trying to find a cross street and finally end up going down the hill on a dirt path holding onto a rope tied to trees at top and bottom. It was really steep and we both would have been laughing by the time we got to the bottom/and top on the return if it hadn’t been more than a bit of work to climb.


Neither of us look forward to the tussle the airport will prove to be —but I need to get back to work. It’s been a wonderful trip. Our host joins us in the garden and we all drink a glass of wine while watching the sun set. He told us that Freddie was a real person and very much still alive and an active member of Rotary.


We are all up early the next morning; the trip to the airport is short; the maneuvering through the various airports challenging; Toronto had snow and we watched the de-icing process on our plane and the ones next to us. Finally we land in Houston and drive home.


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