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Our Last Day


The traps were retrieved early this morning and yield about a hundred or so nice sized prawns. The cook steamed them for a nice addition to the Caesar Salad for lunch.


The captain is in no hurry and we slowly make our way through the Malaspina. A large group of sea lions is on a small island and we stop to watch them. Their vocalizations are like something out of a bad concert and we all laugh as they yawn and slip into the water.


Today we spotted nearly a dozen or more eagles and I spied a pair sitting in a tree. Although majestic, they are not cooperating with sitting for photographs. The captain tells us we have enough time to take a spin through Rock Gorge and we all line up on the railings to take a peek at the petroglyphs. The cook and steward are there with us, also snapping photos.


Too soon we see Menzie’s bay; wait for the excavator to be unloaded—a far less exciting venture than the loading, someone retrieves the van and the entire crew loads up our luggage and drops it off in the upper parking lot, and we disembark with each of the crew shaking our hand.


The rest of our travelmates were all Canadians with their vehicles in the parking lot. We are the only ones without local transportation but each of the couples stops and asks us if we need a ride. But the cook gives us a ride to Hidden Harbor Bed & Breakfast where we are met by a beaming Jergen and Inge, our hosts.


Our new accommodations are quite lovely with lots of interesting artwork framed on the walls. Jergen and Inge own a yarn shop/framing shop in addition to this Bed & Breakfast.


I toast myself in front of the gas fireplace and read a totally mindless book for a couple of hours before we both turn in. For folks who haven’t done much of anything all day we were exceptionally tired.


More photos are on smugmug at:


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