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Savary Island

day-five-day-two-on-freighterAboard the freighter Day 4


We had just one scheduled delivery today and so the day was spent leisurely cruising amongst the various islands. Our first stop was on Savary Island, well known in the 20’s for a prestigious summer place for the rich and famous. A cruise line plied these waters on a regular basis. We walked on the beach, amazed at the smooth round pebbles and the lovely purple shells of the mussels.


Our next stop was Manson’s Landing on Cortes Island. Here there was a lovely lagoon covered with Japanese Sea Screws. We watched someone clamming and walked along a trail noting the oyster shells flung far into the forest. The remains of a boat were anchored on shore with just the keel and prow remaining.


A group of orcas entertained the entire crew and passengers for nearly an hour in the afternoon, a pod of twenty or thirty porpoise leaping in the morning. We passed a log boom towed by a tug with seagulls, seals, and a lone eagle perched on the back all catching a ride.


The sun was warm and it was a beautiful day.


We tied up on a log boom and tossed out four crab traps. Perhaps we’ll have a lovely lunch tomorrow.


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