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Delivering Freight along the coast

Aboard the freighter Day 3 April 3, 2009


Island view

Island view

At last the sun appeared and I spent most of the day outside. We can see the mountains and a few waterfalls but none close enough for good photos. A bit of wind and darker weather comes up and I head back inside. I had promised myself I would not take a nap after lunch so as to not miss anything but I found myself nodding off in the chair in our room.




Bald eagles perched in tall trees on small islands; harbor seals floated on their backs. A lone seagull perched on the ramp; I looked in vain for bears along the side of the water to no avail. It is still too early and too chilly for the bears.


Our deliveries today were to quarries. It seemed odd to drop off supplies with no-one there to receive them. One delivery was in the town of Westview; an odd thing as it was on the mainland but there are no roads so it must rely upon ferries and freighters. Grape hyacinth are blooming on the sides of the roadway, blooming jonquils almost look like plastic as they appear randomly along the roadside.


Our fellow passengers take great delight in explaining Canadian traditions including the habit of adding ‘a’ to the end of sentences seeking approbation. Supper was a delightful piece of salmon with new potatoes followed by excellent lemon meringue pie.


We make our final stop at a granite quarry to offload fuel; from there we will tie up at a log boom for the night.


More photos are at smugmug at:

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