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A Day in Airports

Leaving Texas in a sherbet sky

Leaving Texas in a sherbet sky

Our day began early with dropping off my truck for Hurricane Ike repairs.






We maneuvered our way through the rental car return maze of Houston’s Intercontinental Airport, disrobed to clear Security (well, maybe not—it just felt like it), and took our seats on the first leg of our flight to Campbell River, British Columbia. The sky was a luscious pinky gold resembling a pool of melted sherbet.


United is apparently a ‘troubled’ airline and they are saving money by refurbishing old planes and selling snacks. One of the landing gear trucks had a severe squawk as we rolled down the runway but the pilots landed in San Francisco without difficulty.


San Francisco airport was full of people sprawled everywhere; our layover there was three hours.


Vancouver was our next stop. Logs were stored in the river basin; Scuffy tugboats were everywhere—so different from the tugs in coastal Texas. The airport wasn’t particularly crowded –a good thing—as we had to go through Customs, pick up our bags, go through the airport (no signs anywhere), check in with Central Mountain Air on the far side of the airport, run our bags back to the loading carousel, clear security (again) and run to the end of the gates.


The final flight of the journey was in a Beechcraft; a Canadian coming home from drilling in Saskatchewan conversed with us during the flight. We rode with him on our way to the hotel.


Conversations here involve bears, logging, and the actions of police and government.


Today we explore the city—tomorrow we get on board the freighter.

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