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Just another day

Yesterday was just another day.

Dogwood Blossoms

Dogwood Blossoms

I drove back from work stopping to take photos of the dogwood that is blooming profusely in the understory. Wisteria is in full bloom, covering huge trees with its graceful drooping purple blossoms.




pomegranate-watererAfter cleaning up a bit, we headed out to the shop so we could water the newly planted pomegranates. The lime and orange tree are blooming, we spied a few blossoms on our thornless thus far fruitless Meyer’s Lemon. It was too windy for me to get good photos of the blossoms.


water tower painters

water tower painters

On the way home, we noticed a few men on top of city water tower–and because we didn’t have anything pressing or urgent, we drove to the top of a nearby parking garage to take photos. *note water tower photo was taken by spouse, a departure from using strictly my own photos.

Supper was sauteed brussels sprouts (from my garden) and shrimp (alas,  not from my catch)

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