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Eagle Canyon Motorcycle Race Weekend

Generator cord

Generator cord

It is our first time to this race track and we weren’t quite sure what to expect. The weather forecast was not optimistic—rain and cold for Friday and Saturday with clearing but cold on Sunday. Although we had planned and prepared to campout, Comfort Inn was a better option.



There were a lot of people there, lots of RV’s and generators everywhere. Girlfriends and mothers and wives all seemed to huddle together, some wearing racing helmets as additional warmth against the bitter rain and wind.  The one warm place was in the official signup area. Regular toilets–not portapotties and hot food plus no rain or wind and 70 degree interior temperature were a serious draw–and it was packed full of people. The Christian motorcycle group were in a trailer watching their hot coffee and box of doughnuts–but I was too cold to go over there and beg for coffee.   Friday is typically a track day but the weather was so cold and nasty that we decided to spend our afternoon in the local heritage museum.

 Backstage auditorium

The Wise Heritage Museum is housed in the old Decatur Baptist Junior College; an imposing structure of stone and very  cold inside. The ceilings are pressed tin and we enjoyed looking at the vintage tools and collections in the building. One room was dedicated to the Lost Batallion—the group that built the railroad and bridge over the river Kwai. The auditorium was typical but of interest were the play crews signatures backstage.

We ate a late lunch at the Whistle Stop Café; the location of the Petrified Wood Gas Station. The buttermilk pie was wonderful although I couldn’t eat much after my huge bowl of chile.



muddy Yamaha

muddy Yamaha

Saturday’s weather was not much better. The track was muddy and required a lot of cleaning with sprinklers and a broom. The Yamaha was so coated in mud it could barely move; we used some sticks to poke out some of the mud but it will need a deep cleaning with a hose and brush when we get back home—plus a new clutch.

We ate at Frilly’s—a real Cajun seafood restaurant with blackened fish and seafood sauce. No room for dessert, although a dish of bread pudding did sound enticing.


Glen is busy uploading his photos of the day—including several spectacular wrecks with the rider standing on his head in the mud. Tomorrow we are promised sun—and I hope to explore the river bed for some petrified wood and get some good photos of the courthouse and the Whistle Stop.


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