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A day at the Franch


I don’t think anyone in the state of Texas could outdo Karey’s hospitality. Last Friday she hosted a ‘smallish’ get together on her gorgeous get-away in LaGrange Texas lovingly called the ‘Franch’. Two artists in residence, Virginia Spiegel and Carol Moore, were concluding a month long stay. Virginia worked on 200 yards of white fabric transforming it into some wonderful stuff and even gave away small samples of her fabric to each guest. Carol is either an immaculate worker or had little elves come in to clean her space as it looked like a magazine shoot with samples of her meticulous work on the walls.


It was great fun to meet old friends and put faces to internet names and then to wander about the property itself. The Hill country is suffering from a drought and it was painfully dry. The pastures are too lean to feed cattle, the creek bed is dry, and there were no flowers to be seen—except for the pots of zinnias on the outdoor tables.


This calf calmly watched all the hubbub through the white board fence.


I missed the dinner at El Fuente, one of the best Mexican restaurants in the area as I had a four hour drive back to Joshua.


Here are a few photos of the Franch

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  1. I couldn’t access your photos from the Franch.

    March 6, 2009
    • All my photos are on Smugmug under YSR 612 gallery WeirSewFine Studios. My husband who graciously lets me post my photos there promises me he will reorganize it soon to make it easier to navigate.

      March 14, 2009

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