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Batiks Galore and a Sewing Marathon

Sunset in Joshua Texas

Sunset in Joshua Texas


Last week I was invited to spend a few days sewing with some friends at a new quilting retreat center in Joshua Texas. What fun! At first I was a bit nervous about being responsible for a meal as the others in the group were superb cooks and I was more accustomed to orphanage type meals for three hungry sons—and they’d been gone from the house for several years and now someone usually cooked for me or I had yogurt. Then they decided that they really did have enough food—and I decided I would get some nice breakfast stuff—kolaches as my contribution.


The center itself is a metal building with six bedrooms, a huge kitchen, and a wonderful workspace. There is a huge table set up as an ironing surface and two more as cutting areas. Lighting is wonderful and the store—filled only with batiks is available 24 hours a day for instant temptation/inspiration/desperate ‘needs’. The owner checked in with us each day and even lent some special spices for a particular dish one night.


I sewed all day until I had to stop and clean out the lint in my sewing machine. We told stories, looked at quilt magazines, cut out fabric, went fabric shopping, ate, drank coffee, sewed some more, and relished the solitude.


At night I watched the sun set and listened to the cows mooing. One night we were entertained by coyotes howling outside. I went to bed early (11) while the others stayed up until 1 or 2 or 3 and slept in the next morning. Cathy would set up the coffee pot for me each morning—all I had to do was press the button.


I hated to pack everything back up in my truck and leave for work on Sunday.



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  1. I too have forgotten how to cook!
    You’re not alone.

    March 4, 2009

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